Tech Task #1 ABOUT ME.

Tech Task #2

I am going to blog about using social networking in the classroom.  I can see both the positive and negative side of things.

I have done lots of traveling and that was my only motivation for joining facebook.  It made keeping in touch and sharing photos a breeze for me- who is not tech savy!  I understand why using social networking would help students in our world where more people are traveling and meeting people and maintaining friendships with people around the world.

This article I came  across though made a good point.  His research shows that people that multitask too much and have too much to do and see can’t focus on anything. Click here for the original. As humans are we actually capable of multitasking?  We always do but when we have 80 things are we doing a great job at any task?  Should we just do one thing at a time?  When social media gives us so many things to look at and people to talk to is it distracting in a classroom.

I would also like to chat a bit about having an unplugged time in a classroom.  I think that I must embrace technology and the fact that children use it and it can enhance some lessons.  I also believe that children need to stretch their imagination as well.  I feel like it is a skill to have a good imagination.  For me personally my imagination helps to foster my love of reading because as I read I imagine the story, setting and characters in my head.  I love creating this little world that is personal to me.  Everyone else sees a different setting and set of characters it makes my reading experience unique.

Tech Task #3

I listened to a speech on TED talk about Arts and Science.  Mae Jemison talks about how we need to go back to connecting the arts and science.  Mae Jemison is the first African American women to go onto space she graduated Stanford with a Chemical engineering degree and went on to med school.  When she finished her degree at Stanford she wanted to either go to med school or go to New York to persue a professional dance career.  She mentions that her mother helped her with that decision.  She talks about how science is creative and that arts is analytical.  Both arts and sciences are constructive and deconstructive depending on the strand of art or science.  She has a great quote near the end of the talk.  “Science provides an understanding of a universal experience and art provides a universal understanding of a personal experience”  I love how she connects the two which so mnay people view as total opposites.

I have often struggled with my passion for art and science at the same time.  Science was always my favorite subject in school but outside of school I spent 20 hours or more at dance lessons and performances.   In the end I made the opposite choice of Mae and went to university to get my BFA in dance which has lead me back to school for my BED.  Jokes on me.  When I was at Simon Fraser University I considered getting a minor in chemistry which was impossible because all labs and dance classes were at the same time.  When I would talk about my passion for science especially chemistry people would think I was crazy.  I think the stereotype was always there dancers can’t do science and arn’t very smart and scientist can’t move.  I obviously disagree with these claims but I think some people still think that way.  I think I sometimes loose people when I tell them I am in Arts Education.  What’s That?  What will you teach?  Some people even in the university treat it as less of an education that the elementary or middle years program because it has art in the title.

Mae can help us see the connection between art and science and this can open our minds to the connection that art has to all subjects.

This talk spoke to me and helped me realize there are many dancers out there that are also science nerds at heart.  Thanks you Mae.