I believe that a classroom should be a place where students feel safe.  I want all my students to be able to learn who they are  and develop their personalities.  I also believe that school needs to prepare students for real life.  I find that most of my high school education didn’t prepare me for University.  I really hope to prepare my students for life out side a classroom.

FUN!  I want all of my students to look back and remember how much fun they had in my class.  Like everyone I want students to be excited to find out that I am there teacher and also remember me fondly as a teacher.

In terms of dance education, I want to bring dance to everyone.  I want all of my students to feel like they can dance and that I have given them the tools to say they are a dancer.  I find that dance can seem strange and foreign to some people but I want to educate students so that they can create, participate in and view all kinds of dance and fell comfortable sharing their knowledge to others.

I also love field trips and think anytime that students can get out of the classroom into the real world is going to be very beneficial to their learning.

On a high school level I would also like to help students with career choices I want to let them know all the options they have for a job after the graduate.  I find that sometimes guidance counselors don’t have the time or resources to know about many careers especially those in the arts.  I want students to be able to come to me with a dream career and together we can find out how to make that dream a reality.