I have posted some of my lesson plans I have created over my two years in Arts Education.

Class: Dance 10                                                                      Date:  Feb. 22, 2010

Subject: Cultural Dance                                                          Theme: Gum Boot Dancing

Lesson Plan

One of Two

Content: This lesson will look at Gum Boot dancing and its history, which was brought out of South African Mine workers.  The students will learn new stimuli for creation.


The students will learn the cultural significance and history of Gum Boot Dancing

The children will explore creation through limitation


Did the students understand the assignment?  Did the group effectively communicate without words?  Did they function as a team?

Common Essential Learnings:



Foundational Objectives:

-Develop performance ability

-Develop understanding of dance within social contexts

-Increase their understanding of choreography by studying others work and creating their own

-Use expressive language and learn to communicate in a different way

Prerequisite Learning:

The students will have a general knowledge of different dance forms.  The students will have taken a dance rotation in Arts Education 9.

Lesson Preparation:


-Handout outlining a brief history on Gum Boot Dancing.  The information was gathered from www.gumbootsworldtour.com/english/history.html

-The students will also need a long rope to attach their legs.

Advanced Preparation:

-The teacher will have done research on Gum Boot Dancing and its history preparing a handout for the students.

-The teacher will have gathered enough information to hold a discussion with the students about this dance form.

-The teacher should prepare their own short solo with Gum Boot dancing as a stimulus.

Presentation:  The teacher will prepare a short solo performed with Gum Boot Dancing as a stimulus.  The teacher should wear gum boots.

Set (15 min):

The teacher will introduce Gum Boot Dancing or Isicathulo to the students.  The teacher will explain where this dance form came from and how it has evolved over the years.  The students will then have a short discussion about how these miners could have come up with this creative way of communication.

Development (30min)

The students will be put into two groups.  The students must create a short piece together while being tied together.  The students must be silent and use their body language to communicate while creating a piece.  The students must imagine themselves in similar conditions to the South African Miners, using the idea of communication and the original setting Gum Boot dancing came out of.  How will they come up with a piece with no verbal communication and while being tied together?

Closure (5min)

The students will discuss of they created a successful piece?  Why is it successful?  What was most challenging about this assignment?

Classroom Management Skills:

The teacher must make sure no one is talking and that they are following the limitations put upon them.

Lesson Plan

Two of Two


The teacher will show a clip of one version of Gum Boot Dancing.  The teacher will teach the dance to the students


The students will learn to dance a set piece of choreography to the best of their ability.


How accurate were the students in the execution of the dance?  Did they pay attention to detail and ask questions for confirmation?

Common Essential Learnings:


Foundational Objectives

-develop performance ability

-increase understanding of choreography by looking at the work of others

-learning a specific dance and specific steps

Prerequisite Learning:

The students will have a general knowledge of different dance forms.  The students will have taken a dance rotation in Arts Education 9.

Lesson Preparation:


The Gum Boot dancing clip I would use can be found on UTube, “Black Umfolosi Live at Oxford Festival 2006-2

Advanced Preparation:

-The teacher must learn the dance off the video

-They must know it well enough to do it without the video and be able to ask specific questions about the choreography


Set (5 min):

Show the students the clip of dance

Development (40 min):

-The teacher will teach the dance to the students

-The teacher will work with them until they can do the dance without watching the teacher or the video.

Closure: (5 min)

– Any group of students that want to perform the piece will perform in front of the rest of the class.

“Mystery at the Club Sandwich” Drama Sequence

Grade 1-4

Alexis Kennedy



From my source I chose the focus of who took Lola Gale’s marbles and why?  I chose this focus because young children love to solve a mystery.  I believe this drama will allow the children to think critically based on the facts they are given.  The children will gain experience in moving a drama sequence along and give them confidence in their drama’s by allowing them to participate in “Mantle of the Experts”.


Creative/Productive: engages students in critical thinking, allows them to see where ideas come from and how ideas can be developed, and allows students to engage in reflection.

Critical/Responsive: allows students to move from quick judgment to informed personal interpretation.


-“Mystery at the Club Sandwich” written by Doug Cushman published in 2204 by Clarion Books.

-Letter written by Maggie Trouble

-Report Nick Trunk writes after visiting the scene of the crime



Who took Lola Gale’s lucky marbles from her dressing room?

Students are detectives with the Nick Trunk Detective agency

Context Building:

Prepared document

Teacher in Role: Nick Trunk head detective

“Mantle of the Expert”: students are detectives

  1. Teacher in Role reads out a letter received from Maggie Trouble on behalf of her employer Lola Gale.  Lola’s lucky marbles were stolen from her dressing room.
  2. Teacher in Role then reads out the information he/she gathered from his/her visit to the Club Sandwich.  This report includes three clues and the three main suspects.

Roll on the Wall

  1. The students as a whole class will create a paper to hang in the classroom that outlines the information they have been given so far.  The students can also add information that is still suspected at this point.


Hot Seating

Teacher in Role: Lola Gale

  1. The teacher will hold a meeting with the detectives.  Some questions will be set out of role before the meeting.  There should be questions about her marbles and why they are so important to her and what her relationship is to each of the suspects.  In this meeting it will also be revealed that Lola hates peanut butter because it sticks to her mouth which makes it impossible to sing.


  1. The students will divide into three groups one group for each of the suspects, the Chef, the Magician, and Maggie Trouble.
  2. Each group must work together to come up with a defense or reasons why they didn’t take the lucky marbles.  The groups can also decide whether their character is lying or telling the truth.  The students should record the ideas they come up with.

A Day in the Life

1. The children are in the same small groups using the information they created in the previous episode they must create 3 tableau’s to show what the suspect was doing right before the marbles went missing.


Alter Ego

  1. The students will be in pairs.  One student will be one of the suspects and the other will be the inner monologue of the suspect.
  2. The students will be interviewed by Teacher in Role as the head detective. The alter ego will help determine who the students think is lying and who they think is telling the truth.

Out of Role discussion

  1. The whole class will discuss the evidence they have got together so far.  In this discussion the class must decide who stole the marbles, why, and where they put them.


Giving Witness

  1. Individually the students will create a confession statement from the guilty suspect.  The letter needs to include a reason why they did it.
  2. The students will read each letter aloud to the class.


  1. In small groups the students will create a tableau of life at the Club Sandwich after the mystery was solved.  Is everyone still working there, how is Lola Gale doing now that she has her lucky marbles back?

After the drama the teacher will read the story to the students.  Did the class come up with the same outcome or was it different?


The students should show critical thinking when analyzing the evidence against the suspects.

The students use literacy knowledge when writing the suspect confession, and any other writing activities.

The students should show an understanding of ways to move a drama along with the information they provide.

The students should show increased confidence in their drama skills.

Dear Nick Trunk Detective Agency,

My name is Maggie Trouble and I work for the famous singer Lola Gale.  I am writing you because Lola has lost her marbles, her lucky marbles have been stolen, she keeps them in her dressing room and after her first song last night she noticed they were missing.  She is so upset she hasn’t left her dressing room since.

Thank You

Maggie Trouble

Detective Report

Evidence collected by Nick Trunk

Clues found at the scene:

-empty jar of peanut butter

-peanut butter smudge on the door

-an ostrich feather


-a clumsy magician who works with an ostrich feather, a jar of peanut butter, and a fish

-a singer’s assistant (Maggie Trouble) who loves peanut butter and wears and ostrich feather and wants to be a singer

-a chef who cooks with fish, peanut butter, and an ostrich feather

Summary of Mystery at the Club Sandwich

The main characters in the story are

Nick Trunk: an elephant

Lola Gale: a Fox

Maggie Trouble: a cat

Magician: a hippo

Chef: a pig

This is a mystery picture book where Nick Trunk takes on the case of Lola Gale’s missing lucky marbles.  After collecting evidence Nick comes up with three suspects Maggie Trouble, chef, and the magician.  After collecting evidence and talking to all the suspects Nick discovers that the marbles are hidden in the bottom of Lola Gale’s fish tank.  It was Maggie Trouble who moved them she thought that if she had the lucky marbles she would be able to get a break and become a singer more famous than Lola.


This is a Rubric  used when teaching a Drama lesson in a Visual Art class

Participation 1) I did not participate 2) I participated some of the time 3) I participated through the whole class 4) I participated through the whole class and got my partner to as well
Classroom 1) I was a disruption to the class 2) I did not add anything positive to the class 3) I was a positive influence in the class most of the time 4)  I was a positive influence in the class the whole time
Presentation 1) I didn’t do a presentation 2) I did not present the whole assignment 3) I presented the whole assignment 4) I presented the whole assignment with enthusiasm
Partner 1) I was a hard person to work with 2) I was some what hard to work with 3) I was okay to work with 4) I was an excellent, supportive, and positive partner