So here I am am about to enter my last semester of University for my Internship.  Am I ready?  I don;t think anyone is ready for this experience because teaching is mostly hands on learning to truly learn how to do it you must do it, fail a few times and learn how to succeed.

I have been here before though with my first degree and the thought of having another degree really hasn’t sunk in yet.  I barely noticed my degree the first time around I think it is in an envelope in my parents china cabinet I didn’t even go the the graduation.  Is it different this time?  I think the fact that even if I don’t get a job right away I can still have a job that pays like an adult…subbing.  It is great that this is really the only profession where you can be a sub until you get a permanent job.  There are no substitute engineers.  Maybe that is a good thing.

So off I go to save as much money as possible this summer to prepare for the poorest semester of my life.  Ichiban noodles here I come.  I am excited and nervous who will my co-op be and where will I be  working???

Soon it will all be revealed.  Good luck to anyone else in my situation.