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So I am getting ready to vote are you?  I am watching the news and of course Rick Mercer.  I am trying to get all the candidates facts together and determine who I want to lead my country.  I feel though that who I may vote for may never be able to rule our country because they won’t get enough votes…dilemma.  So I know that my vote counts and I am so happy to have the right to vote and I will use it but will my vote ultimately make a difference.  I sure hope so because we need some change and I can see our country slowly becoming something similar to our neighbors to the south.  I pride myself in living in a country that is not like them in so many ways.  the things that make us different make me proud to be Canadian.  I want it to stay that way.  Please Vote and let our voices be heard.



So here I am am about to enter my last semester of University for my Internship.  Am I ready?  I don;t think anyone is ready for this experience because teaching is mostly hands on learning to truly learn how to do it you must do it, fail a few times and learn how to succeed.

I have been here before though with my first degree and the thought of having another degree really hasn’t sunk in yet.  I barely noticed my degree the first time around I think it is in an envelope in my parents china cabinet I didn’t even go the the graduation.  Is it different this time?  I think the fact that even if I don’t get a job right away I can still have a job that pays like an adult…subbing.  It is great that this is really the only profession where you can be a sub until you get a permanent job.  There are no substitute engineers.  Maybe that is a good thing.

So off I go to save as much money as possible this summer to prepare for the poorest semester of my life.  Ichiban noodles here I come.  I am excited and nervous who will my co-op be and where will I be  working???

Soon it will all be revealed.  Good luck to anyone else in my situation.

Final Project

This is my website.  Alexis

Tech task 10

Before I really started to research on the internet I didn’t really think there was a need or use for social media in the classroom.  This is because my idea of social media is checking up on friends on Facebook, but so far I have really gotten some great ideas about how to connect this new multimedia that students use all the time to their learning and the curriculum.  In this article I found cool ways to use social media to teach. 100 ways to use social media. Some of the neatest ideas were getting the students to do a character study from a book or a play by starting that character a Facebook page, following famous people maybe politicians on Twitter or   having a treasure hunt using all the forms of social media you include in your classroom. Since I am such a huge fan of travel and learning about new cultures I would love to explore connecting with classrooms around the world.  I am not sure if it counts as social networking but I love the idea of skyping people into my classroom.

I think one thing I have learned the most in this class that I will use in my classroom is to check things out and try them.  Using social media may be amazing in my classroom or it may not work with my teaching style.  I waant to try it and search out the benefits and options that I may have.