I am having a hard time forgetting about the UCLA girl and what she said and posted to everyone.  I showed it to a friend and he said, “sometimes stupid people just deserve what they get.”  I think this is totally true.  I know that we had talked about the internet not having the ability to forgive but this girl took  the time to film her rant and made the decision to post it on the World Wide Web key word World Wide.

I think that younger generations that grew up with technology forget how public this forum is and she maybe thought of few of her friends would see this and laugh but now she is kicked out of University and UCLA may suffer from this rant as well.

I think that people need to be held accountable for what they do.  I realize that I wouldn’t want my entire University life posted to the public I did some things that I am not proud of but I would have never posted them on the internet, maybe I just think ahead more.

Though this provides a dilemma because I don’t like censorship so I believe that she has the right to say anything she wants even if I don’t agree I guess she just may have to deal with the consequence.  Hmm I am at odds here.  Thoughts????