So last Wednesday we went out to our high schools for pre-internship.  My partner and I will be teaching at Balfour in the dance department.  Our first day went so well our Co-Op Laura Kuz is great she got us to teach the warm up for her period 2 and 3 class which was lots of fun.  Can I speak about the students as well OH MY GOD!!!!  These kids are amazing the period 2 class has about 10 guys that are self taught break dancers that are so passionate and willing to show off their amazing skills.  I just want to take them all and start a touring dance company.  The period 3 class is all girls that love to have fun.  Half of them are studio trained and the other half have no formal training but an amazing raw natural talent.  What a school what a dance program.  I will be choreographing a contemporary piece on the period 2 students.  For my lessons I am going to teach a new dance skill that is essential in contemporary dance.  Using the floor, partnering, structured improv, and the idea of chance. I will also really want to teach the students about contemporary dance pioneers and the styles and techniques they created to make contemporary dance what it is today.  Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Twla Tharp, Jose Limon, Paul Taylor.  Also exposing them to local dance artists and Canadian dance artists.  I only have five classes to teach all that I want to.  But I am up for the challenge and so looking forward to it.