I just watched a YouTube clip of Danah Boyd talking about children and social networking sites.  I must say I didn’t find her to be a very dynamic speaker but that is not really important.

As she was talking I got to thinking that it seems like in this age of technology parents are more nervous than ever.  I must admit I have great parents and our relationship really worked on trust and respect, but some of the things Danah talked about surprised me.  Kids who use Facebook to communicate with friends because their mother doesn’t let them out of the house.  Or parents that use their childs social media page to spy on them.  What is going on?  Why are parents so neurotic?  What happened to respecting privacy?   Know that as a parent you want your child to share with you and if they feel you respect them they will respect you and let you in on their life.  Not all of their life but most of it.  I think that is something to be said as well parents need to understand that their children will probably never tell them everything about their life and I don’t think parents really want to know everything. When I lived in England when I was 18 there was a video made of the whole trip really and when I was back in Canada watching the highlights with some friends my mother and I understood she didn’t want to watch the video and I didn’ t want her to watch it.

Maybe I am too optimistic because I don’t have children and may never have children but I think that we should trust kids.  THey make a mistake but we all do and we learn from those mistakes hard as they may be.