So I just watched Mike Wesch’s talk on You Tube and I must say he made some interesting points.  I never really got into You Tube and didn’t understand how people spent hours on this site searching for hilarious videos.  I use You Tube as a future teacher in my class and have found many educational videos out there that would really hard to find with out this website.  I also love that I can find clips from shows I loved in other countries and watch them again.  There are also so many videos that make me laugh.  I would say that is the extent of my personal you tube viewing but this talk helped me to understand how many people do view you tube as a community of friends.

I can’t really understand that.  It is not the same meeting someone online rather than in person.  I love the fact that people can connect around the world and I think that people should always be discovering new cultures and people but I don’t think that this experience should be limited to ones computer room in their house.  I can tell people around the world about a Saskatchewan sunset and show them pictures but it will never be as good as actually being here and seeing it live.  I don’t want You Tube to allow people to believe they have everything they need in their online world.  Why should they go out side when they can travel to six different countries over the web through You Tube.  I think there needs to be a balance between the two.  Upload videos and chat with online friends but get outside have face to face conversations with people.  I never miss my friends over seas more than after we Skype. The video that is slightly delayed is a vague idea of who my friend is.  I want to see her face to face the computer can’t compete with that.

It is obvious that You Tube is a phenomena and it has done great things, helped people, and connected people but as Wesch talked about you never know who is actually in front of that camera.  People can act and pretend and if someone uses You Tube and facebook as there only social out let they can never really know who their friends are.  Though I guess the same is true in real life. Hmmm I am not really selling my case here.  Maybe online relationships are the future because if things go bad you don’t actually ever have to see the person again.  I guess I just  think we are losing the art of communication a little or it is changing.  No one talks on the phone anymore they only text or email.  I miss conversations.  Maybe that is just me and I need to embrace this new world and new social community.